EBO 2 - Robotics Course

Lesson 1 - Add the left hand

You finished EBO1 with only one hand due to the limitations of the micro-bit output controls. Let's start this level by attaching the left hand then we will learn how to control it.

Lesson 2 - Add extension card

We have been able to control components through 3 output only. Now, we will add many capabilities to the micro-bit by add Robots control card that's able to control 4 DC motors, 8 Servo motors + among other things.

Need password (Found in the kit box).

Lesson 3 - Assemble legs

Now that we have many input/output slots to use. Lets start assembling the two legs and make them ready to be attached to the body.

Need password (Found in the kit box).

Lesson 4 - Attach and test legs

It's time to go mobile. Now that our robot's legs are ready, let's  connect, test, and control them. 

Need password (Found in the kit box).

Lesson 5 - Remote control microbit 

Pre-programming the moves of the robot wasn't up to our expectations, right? Now we will open new horizon in term of control by wirelessly pairing two units of micro-bit  and get them to talk to each other.

Need password (Found in the kit box).

Lesson 6 - Add RGB LED & sensor

Let's add a multicolor LED that can goes Red or Green or Blue. This can be really helpful to express feeling or communicate signals to others. 

Need password (Found in the kit box).

Lesson 7 - Code the RGB LED & sensor

Add a set of eyes to your robot (Ultrasonic sensor) that cam measure distances and inform your robot if it's about to hit the wall.

Need password (Found in the kit box).

Lesson 8 - Let's Recap

Now that we learned many things. Let's spend some time to reflect and think of the possibilities revealed by our new knowledge. Plus you can learn about future pathways we can offer. 

Need password (Found in the kit box).

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