Lesson 1 - Micro:bit Introduction

Learn the similarities between the way humans think and humanoid think. Throughout this introduction you will also learn how you can code a micro controller to be a humanoid brain.

Lesson 2 - Small Signal

Learn about how electricity works why wire varies in batteries and motors size. And how can we amplify weak signal to power a big motor.

Lesson 3 - Control Project

                        (Traffic Light)

Before going full stem towards Making a humanoid Make a smart traffic light system that can Manage different scenarios.

Lesson 4 - EBO's Body

Build the robot’s body and place the Micro controller in the heart of it. Also, Learn the skills of making 3D shapes from 2D plates.

Lesson 5 - EBO's Head

Learn how to connect moving parts in an efficient way what type of Joint are those and practice make a rotation joint to be the neck of the robot while you make its head.

Lesson 6 - EBO's Hand and Grip (2 DOF)

Learn the meaning of multiple joint robot links and the degree of freedom (DOF). Have fun making the robots hand and grip.

Lesson 7 - Using Variables in coding

Get deeper understanding about coding, use variables and if statements while you practice the second levels of machine control.

Lesson 8 - Let's Recap

Celebrate the level of Knowledge you obtained understood the hardware limit that stopped you here and how can you overcome this limit.

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