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Light Emitting Diode

Distance Sensor

Neck joint

Central Processing Unit

Screw and nuts to connect panels

Hand joint mechanic

Shoulder joint

Leg movement motors

Lasercut wooden boards

About Us

As our name implies, our promise to the students is simple and solid. They will make robots and take them home. The parts we are providing are all open source (which means they can be used without limits).

Students from ages 8-14 can learn the basics of programming using simple drag/drop coding blocks. The great value of it is that students can
learn the 'know-how' and use it to design any robot of their imagination.

Media Coverage

Benefits of our courses

Students will learn all 3 pillars of robot designing and fabrication:

wiring, coding, and mechanics.

With our unique learning experience, students will be able to learn using delivered tangible equipment while learning from

material through our live online lessons recorded videos,

interacting with their peers as well as many more tools that we developed in-house. 

Whether your child has no coding experience at all or has taken courses before,

we have something that will fit their need and pique the interest of their logical and creative side.

We have had the amazing opportunity to be invited to several news stations to exhibit and discuss our humanoid robot, EBO.

Government certificates

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We can help deliver an amazing learning experience to your students both onsite & online...

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