Parents are facing challenges of finding the best way to keep their children engaged in useful educational activities while facing the CHALLENGES of:

⛔ Outdoor activities option is becoming limited as the weather is getting hot

⛔ Uncertainty regarding the amount they're willing to spend at the current circumstances

⛔ Parents are spending a lot of time with their kids, more than they want to

⛔ Playing video games or watching TV most of the time is not a good option

In our participation in the AIS parents online meeting. We presented our solution.


EBO Level - 1


You learn how to build the

Body, Head, Right Arm and Grip.


Your learn how to use the microbit and inserting Servo motors to Servo chip.


Your learn basic codings using drag and drop elements to work the arm and head with 2 Degree of Freedom (DOF).

What Your Child Gets as a Student of the

Robots Make n Take

Your child can expect to be motivated, inspired, educated,

and have fun no matter what they aspire to do.

Motors, Jionts and Structure

Simple Microcontroller

Simple icon programming

Simple, easy, and fun that show your children how to start, grow, and manage a successful Robotics. This even equips them with "success" skills and a mindset for a successful life.

No need to worry about expiring memberships or countdown timers. When you join Robots Make n Take, you'll gain lifetime access to the entire curriculum, including any future updates.

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Suaad Alhashemi:
ممتاز الروبوت انصح بالجميع تجربتها ولدي استمتع فيه كثيييير و أستاذ مصطفى ممتاز بصراحه‎


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