First lesson is a soft start where you will learn Scratch coding basic commands.


Lesson 2 - Practice scratch coding.

Start learning advanced commands of scratch coding.

Lesson 3 - Design scene & characters.

Learn how to make your own characters and import our friend EBO to control him in a scratch game.

Lesson 4 - Intro to micro:bit.

This lesson where you will start paying with the hardware using the famous micro:bit. Learn about the coding screen and the basics of navigating your way in it.


Lesson 5 - micro:bit basic commands.

Learn about the basic command of micro:bit, such as inputs, screen output and more.

Lesson 6 - micro:bit input codes.

Learn more about built in sensors in the micro:bit with examples of what can you use them for.


Lesson 7 - Connect Scratch to micro:bit.

Learn how to control the Scratch cat (or EBO) using the micro:bit just like a joystick.

Lesson 8 - The use of variables

Learn how to use variables in Scratch and micro:bit


Lesson 9 - introduction to wiring

Start wiring different components to the micro:bit

Lesson 10 - Buttons, buzzers control with variables.

Learn how to connect external devices to the pins of the micro:bit.


Lesson 11 - LEDs and Logic statements.

Learn advanced commands related to logic and conditional statements and make a traffic light.

Lesson 12 - Summery & what's next?

Summery of all what we learned and the what can you learn in future courses.