In this lesson you will learn about the micro:bit and its features, as well as easy codes for beginners.


Learn how to connect the micro:bit to your computer and how to use the features discussed in the previous lesson


We will connect an external device (polarized buzzer) to the micto:bit and code it to play music.


We will learn how to control an LED using the micro:bit and a two-way switch.


We will connect both the LED and the polarized buzzer and control them both using the two-way switch


Learn how to connect multiple external devices to the micro:bit and create a functional traffic light

LESSON 8.png

In this lesson we will control the RGB (red, green, blue) LED using the micto:bit.

lesson 9.jpg

Learn how to control the servo motor by increasing the voltage and taking control signals from the micro bit to move the servo motor in different degrees.