You will enjoy the wiring of a simple

micro-controller and code it with easy-to-use graphical blocks. With more than 60 experiments, this course is a great start for beginners of ages 11 and up



Having your own personal workspace is very crucial when it comes to building robots.  Building the workstation will help you organize the different materials needed for the robot, as well as introduce you on how to assemble.

EBO - 1

Apply what you learned in the introduction courses and start making your first humanoid robot from basic components such as the  micro controller and servo motors.

EBO - 2

Continue building EBO our humanoid robot. Add Motorized Legs, Sensor, light and control it remotely. All while learning how you’re use these components on future design of your own


Use what you learned in the previous courses to design and build your own robot!


You will learn the basics of coding through an online programming software and a controller that can be used for various projects.