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My Biography

hello hello

I am 14 years of age and have been very interested in the field of robotics, AI, Machine learning etch etc. I have been a student of Robots MakenTake and have successfully completed some projects such as Ebo as well as having developed the mindset every robotics engineer should have. My current hobbies include playing video games, reading books regarding coding and robotics as well as listening to Lectures regarding various fields of robotics. I am interested as well in the field of technology and computers and the way they digitalize the future and may as well continue this in my future career.

they say "if there's a will there's a way" so I have the will to achieve my dream so I'm going to find the way, soon ...

well, it ain't that easy there's a lot of things to learn and I'm determined to learn.

Let me just tell u guys one saying that I made up in my mind: " Be a black hole of knowledge" which means that to absorb every bit of knowledge there is.

so I hope that u got inspired by hearing a lecture from a kid but if you do that is great and I'm glad to be of some help.

so I'm also trying to be a robotics engineer and I found that robots make n take is just an amazing first step to becoming a robotics master.

You may fail but remember that's just temporary because you'll always encounter failure on the way to success.

yea probably that's it I know it might be too much for you to take in hearing a 14-year-old boy speak.

but I guarantee you that what I'm saying is true and is correct so maybe better check that off your bucket list that you listened to a 14-year-old boy speak.

Robots MakenTake is unique in its way of carrying out its lessons. I joined them in the year 2020 and have ever since been enlightened by many of the knowledge they have given me. I say Robots MakenTake is the best first step towards becoming a robotics engineer for any child.

so that's all about me,

maybe you could tell me about you also hey.😉